5 Top Brunch Spots in Shenzhen, China

Despite the corna epidemic that currently is causing the world to fall into a frenzy, Shenzhen China as the newest silicon valley and my former home over this past year has some of the most spectacular Brunch spots that meet and surpass the dreams of foodies and influencers alike. As an avid lover of all things aesthetically pleasing and good food, I made it a goal to find and try the best brunch spots while living in Shenzhen. Here they are.

Gaga Garden

If quaint and cute is your vibe, a quick stop at Gaga Garden is worth it. Gaga is an American food style chain of cafes located all around Shenzhen as well as recently opening in Shanghai, although there are many Gaga cafes, the spot you want to try is Gaga Garden. With identical menus and prices, the need to stop by specifically at Gaga Garden is merely for the aesthetics and vibe, as the name suggests and seen in the pictures below, the cafe mimics a gorgeous garden, with green interior, seating both inside and out and real plants that cascade the corners of the cafe. You will certainly feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Shot with iPhone 8
Me shot with iPhone 8, a view of the interior

ETA Garden Restaurant

My personal favorite of the list, and again another whimsical garden, the interior alone of this restaurant will have you lost thinking you feel into a literal garden, decorated with gorgeous flowers and fresh leaves. This restaurant will have you filled with Co2 before your meal, the perfect place for all occasions, from date nights to birthdays and relaxing study sessions or afternoon read. ETA Garden is a restaurant for all, with a menu serving up Thai cuisines, this is a place not to miss, with portion sizes as big as heads, your belly and well as your spirit will be satisfied.

Shot with Iphone 8, a spread of all our dishes.
Forewarning in China there’s no such thing as main’s, starters or dessert all dishes are served together, though you can request to delay your order till you’re ready for it.

IH Cafe (Minzhi Branch)- Morrocan themed restaurant with themed rooms 

This cafe truly steals the show, although I, unfortunately, didn’t get the pleasure of visiting this remarkable place, from the pictures alone I am sure you can tell what a beauty this Morrocan styled cafe/hotel experience is. With themed rooms, all mimicking the gorgeous Moroccan towns, with food to match the vibrant scene’s, this a must-visit if you’re ever in Shenzhen and want a quick trip to Morroco, or if your an influencer and want to impress on your feed. 

Here is a link to their facebook page for pictures of this stunning instagram cafe, forwarning I believe that you have to buy something before you enter the cafe and rooms. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ih-Cafe/144229309745323

Half Ton 

If a restaurant came close to a gourmet cookout meal, this is, with perfectly grilled fish steak and a waffled cornbread, this place takes a spin on bbq and makes it fancy. The interior mimics an outdoor bbq with family, with wooden tables and chairs, the vibe is very relaxed and chilled although very instagramably with sections of the restaurant cornered off and decorated for the perfect photo op. This restaurant, unlike the others, is very western and is even ran by an ex-pat, so if you live in Shenzhen and looking for a place to meet other ex-pats, look no further.

Shot with iPhone, display of our meal, waffle cornbread, mac n cheese, grilled fish steak, burger and chips.

Jungle Nat

My inner rich lady is what made this class as a top brunch spot. As from my pictures, I didn’t even try the food, as the afternoon tea set had just ended as we arrived, meaning we could only order drinks until dinner time. Just avoid going on a Sunday if you’re not looking to order from set menus, regardless, my friend informed me that the food is sensational, almost as striking as the view. This place is one not to miss, watching the sunset from the 47th floor, is an experience not to be missed. 

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