5 ways to get through quarantine


Keep moving your body, it’s important that whilst we have been forced to stop and be still that we still upkeep with our physical health. Moving the body and remaining physical is directly linked with mood, the more slumped in bed you remain, the more likely anxiety will cripple you. Simple movements, like a morning stretch, home workout or even dancing like no ones watching, can help increase your mood and health. Whilst gyms may be closed, that doesn’t mean we give up on our body goals, now’s the time to work on your physical health, like a butterfly, you can use this quarantine as the cocoon stage and then summer you’ll be a beautiful butterfly, blossoming with your wings and new bod.


Spend time with your loved ones. Being at home, can seem boring and at times tedious as you become accustomed to the same walls in your house, but if you live with your siblings or family members, now is a great time to create new memories. Now, is the time to whip out family fun games, monoploly, guess who, any classics, you can even put your parents or people you live with onto tic tok or other new fun media outlets, create dance moves and funny stories. Utlise this time, to really build and restore your relationships, whether it is with abandoned family members or friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while, even if you live alone or with people, reach out and check on others, facetime and watch movies together. Technology, has afforded us the opportunity to still remain connceted with those we love without proximity. So instead of scrolling on instagram looking at other families having fun, or retweeting friendship memes, put down your phone and spend time with your family at home, or pick up your phone and call your friends, see how they are. Stay connected.


Pray reconnect with your faith and believes, mediate on Gods words and find balance. In hard times, it is easy to question God asking why, and where is he, but I think that in times of confusuion it is better to remember that God never leaves us or forshakes us, so his presence is not lost we are. So we need to reconnect, build back our faith and hope in God, by spending time reading our bible, seeking comfort from his words as God’s words are everlasting and apply today and forever. I like to mediate on the verse above whenever I feel anxious, reminding myself that God is always with me and therefore nothing can come against me and prosper. Because God fights on my behalf and protects me and my family and loved ones, thats how I trade my fear for faith, and keep my peace and joy in trying times. It isn’t wishful thinking or anything like that, it is standing firm in my belief and knowledge of who God is, and that is, he isn’t a man that he should lie about his promises to us, and he is a father who’s very nature is love so he protects and loves me forever. So, in this time of panic in the world, I urge you to remain steadfast, turn off the news and social media if it is too much, don’t allow yourself to get sick by consuming something that you know is causing you distress.

While you turn off the news, open up the bible, if you don’t have a bible, download the bible app, or if you want to mediate or listen to God’s word, Abide is another app you can use. Also youtube has great online teachings search; Transformation Church, Elevation Church, Joyce Myer, Vous Church to name a few, listen to the word and get reconnected. God has not left you in the midst of this storm, in fact he is closer than ever holding his arms wide open, waiting for you to come into his embrace so he can hold you through this season. Life is full of seasons, one comes and the other goes and this season of quarantine too shall pass, as there’s always a rainbow after the rain.


Pick up a new skill, doesn’t have to have a to be motivated by monetary goal but can just be something that aids personal development which is the greatest commodity, better than silver and gold. With all this extra time at home, picking up a new skill can be as little as learning to cook, dance, garden, draw, paint, whatever it is. Learning something new is a great way to keep your mind active, by filling it with new insightful information you give your brain a break from the drama, doomsday reports on the news, reconnecting with your inner child again, by trying something new.

https://skl.sh/2JBcuvl (use my link and get two months free trail and access to all the premium classes)


Relax, unwind, do what you love, write, read, watch movies, dance all around your house until your dizzy, sleep in till 2pm. Whatever it is, just make sure your happy doing it and remember that this time, God has given us although circumstances are serious, it is also a blessing to have the single most expensive thing in this world, time. So be wise and don’t waste it wishing it away or pondering and stressing about what you had planned before all this, relax in it, live in it in the here and now. If this crisis teaches you anything let it be this, our world is always moving, we never stop literally and figuratively, were all scared and panicked because now we have time, time to not move all the time. Instead of us to appreciate the life that we have and time we get now, by experiencing the days as it is in this very moment, rather than our regular pursuit of the tomorrows, weekends and holidays to say that we are living life.

People are loosing their lives yes, this is serious yes, but if like me you believe in God then you know that this too shall pass. But, whilst we are still in the thick of it, don’t let this moment pass, without you full experiencing it, relaxing, loving your friends, family, children, listening to your favourite podcast, catching up on sleep that you where praying to God for. Helping those who don’t have, checking up on those you haven’t spoken to, read that book, tell your mother and father you love them, play in the garden with your kids, pray and seek God for vision and what’s next. Do all of this and more, whilst staying at home and complying with government rules, but don’t let this moment pass without fully siezing it.

Carpe Diem my people Carpe Diem, God promises to never leave nor forshake us, he also promises to protect us from all evil, desease, virus, all of it. If you don’t believe in God, now’s the time to give your life to Christ, I have included a prayer below, if you say it and believe it in your heart you will be saved. For a chat or call about more on God you can email me directly, God loves you and I do too.

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